Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná

About Us

The Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná - TECPAR (Paraná's Institute of Technology), is a state-owned company based in Curitiba, state of Paraná, Brazil, which had its first accreditation by INMETRO in 1997, as certification body of quality management systems. In 1999, it won accreditation as certification body of environmental management systems and products.

Since its accreditation, Tecpar has expanded the scope of its activities in the area of certification and helped companies to become more competitive. Acting as an independent body of the business relationship, it certifies that systems, products, processes or services are in compliance with Brazilian or international requirements.

The evaluation and certification programs are structured in compliance to international standards, ensuring a recognized and safe process. With the strength of a specialized team and directed to customer satisfaction, TECPAR's brand consolidates in the Brazilian market of conformity assessment, differentiated by the credibility and personalized service.

Approved clients have the right to use the Tecpar Cert brands, a recognized symbol of quality and an important factor of competitiveness and credibility to systems, products, processes and services.