Tecpar Cert - OCD Anatel

Telecom Products - Anatel Mark

Tecpar Cert is a designated body by ANATEL (Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications) for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Products, since December 2002.

As a designated body, we can certify various products, including: PBX, modems, telephone cables and wires, fixed and mobile phones, antennas, radio broadcast equipment, protection modules, optical line terminal, supervision modules.

Steps for the Certification and Homologation of telecom/ICT products in Brazil:

  1. Manufacturer (local) or representative selects a Designated Certification Organization (OCD) and provides technical information about the product;
  2. OCD reviews specs and determines standards and applicable test requirements;
  3. Manufacturer (local) or representative chooses a laboratory to perform tests and provides a sample of the product;
  4. Lab performs tests according to regulations and issues the test report;
  5. OCD reviews test results, issues the Certificate of Conformity and registers in Anatel's Certification and Homologation Management System (SGCH);
  6. Anatel reviews all documentation and issues the Certificate of Homologation.