Instituto de Tecnologia do Paraná

Products Certification

The product certification means credibility for the manufacturer and safety for the consumer.

It consists of a systematic process implemented to ensure that a product meets the specified requirements, and it may be compulsory or voluntary.

Compulsory: when the regulatory body believes that the product may offer risks to consumer safety, the environment or when the product's performance, if inadequate, can bring economic losses to society. Voluntary: when an interested organization decides to add value to the product, establishing a differential to competition.

Compulsory certification:

  • Wires;
  • Cables;
  • Flexible cords;
  • Plugs and sockets;
  • Switches;
  • Power cables;
  • Cables for special applications in household appliances;
  • Telecom products;
  • Household Appliances;
  • Organic products;
  • Storage units in natural environment.

Voluntary certification:

  • Chain of custody for forest-based products;
  • Paper Bags.

If your need does not fit in any of the above types, contact us, because Tecpar Cert has the necessary conditions to structure a certification program that suits your needs. We have adequate infrastructure and highly qualified professionals, seeking to add factors and elements to improve your products.