PBQP-H - OCO Tecpar Cert

Brazilian Quality and Productivity Habitat Program - PBQP-H / SiAC

The standard reference used by SiAC is based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and is regulated by PBQP-H (Brazilian Quality and Productivity Habitat Program), focused on the civil construction sector.

All certification processes (SiAC) are analyzed by a Certification Committee, that is entrusted to give an opinion on the certification of a given company according to SiAC's scope.

The implementation and certification of PBQP-H/SiAC system allows your company the improvement of productivity, increased competitiveness and improvement in customer satisfaction. PBQP-H/SiAC Certification assures customers of your company's commitment to quality services and construction works.

Since May 2001, we are a body authorized by the PBQP-H National Commission and in September 2006 we achieved accreditation by INMETRO, as a certification body of quality systems from civil construction companies (OCO no. 0004).