LIFE Tecpar Cert

LIFE Certification

Approximately 40% of the global economy is based on products sourced from biodiversity or its ecological processes. The need to conserve biodiversity through strengthening the engagement of the private sector with environmental issues is paramount in reaching a balance between the increasing loss of biodiversity and sustainable development and has set the scene for the creation of LIFE Certification.

What LIFE Certification proposes is an evaluation of the organization's impacts on biodiversity and subsequent mitigation or compensation of referred impacts through an array of concrete conservation actions that are contemplated based on priority.

Tecpar Cert is accredited by LIFE Institute since June 2012, to perform this type of assessment.

Key differential points:

  • LIFE Certification system focuses primarily on biodiversity conservation actions;
  • Adaptable to all countries and their environment;
  • Applicable to all sectors;
  • Founded on a threefold Governance - Academia, NGOs and Business;
  • The methodology was built by a multidisciplinary team of experts on different areas;
  • Unique methodology that enables the assessment of businesses impacts on biodiversity, evaluates and scores biodiversity conservation actions that the organization might perform.

When estimating organizations impacts, LIFE methodology takes into account 5 elements which were chosen based on a) relevance to global loss; b) feasibility of measuring; c) data availability; and d) possibility of collecting data in organizations of any size and sectors:

  1. Waste Generation;
  2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions;
  3. Water Consumption;
  4. Energy Use;
  5. Area Occupation.

The main objective of estimating the organization's impacts is to determine a referential that will serve as guideline for the conservation actions each will put in place. In other words, LIFE assesses the organizations environmental management through a scoring system in order to propose a minimum in conservation actions that such organization should put in place in order to obtain the Certification.